Naughty Newcastle Stag Do Activities

Lads will be lads especially on a Stag night, hell bent on celebrating the Stags imminent demise commonly called marriage. It wouldn't be a Stag night if female naked flesh was not on view for at least some part of the evening, now would it. Tits, bums and beer in copious quantities are all the Stag night organiser needs be concerned about- the question is this- how many , how much and in what order.

As far as Newcastle Stag weekends are concerned there is more than ample flesh to go round just from the native Georgie lasses alone who were never ones to cover there assets on a night out. Special nights require something special and we have all the answers.

Meet up for a few beers to get the party rolling. Spice it up your own topless waitresses to fetch and carry- great laugh! Head into town to one of Newcastle's tip top lap dancing clubs 



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    Why pour your own drinks when our topless bunny girl can do it for you! Great way to spice up your stag bash!
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