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Newcastle Stags Sorted!!

So it's time to sort out your Stag Weekend. Make no mistake if you get it wrong you'll get it in the neck from your mates who are expecting you to deliver a weekend of debauched drinking and general madness and mayhem ahead of the wedding. This is where we step in... avoid the stress and book with the best. GoBananas can suggest and sort out great stag-friendly accommodation, wild activities, brilliant pubs and clubs and sexy strippers and more. One small deposit secures the whole deal and we can even collect payments from each of your mates saving you the job of chasing them for their share!

Taking the shortcut to becoming a stag do hero is as easy as picking up the phone but do it now before the top options are all gone!

There is so much to do when organizing a weekend away we have put below some pointers that should help you to be in the driving seat to a great Newcastle Stag Weekend.

Three Months before the Weekend:

  • 1.Get together a list of people you want to come and talk about a date that best suits the Stag but then every one else to. You don't want your mate to be Norman No mates and organizing a  Weekend in Newcastle for 3 people, 2 being this Father and the Father of the bride.
  • 2. See where the Stag wants to go and if he does not say Newcastle change his mind as you all will be missing out on a great weekend.
  • 3. Look to book accommodation for everyone early as you don't want to be miles away from the action or in a rat infested hole.

Two Months to go:-

  • 1. Look to book your transport up/down to Newcastle, this is mainly to take advantage of the advanced fare offers.
  • 2. Start to think of the activities that you would like to do when you are here. Remember it is our job every day so ask our advice and get these booked.
  • 3. Talk to all the lads and start to think of some funny things that you can do to the stag when you are in Newcastle. Remember you want to be prepared so nothing goes wrong.
  • 4. Start to collect the cash from all of the people going, this is the time when you will see some drop out so have ready some great stories of nights out you have had and also what the stag has done for all the individuals, it is time to make people feel guilty.

One Month to Go:-

  • 1. Pay the outstanding balance on the bill for the arrangements; you do not want the payment hanging over your head as just another thing that you are going to get stressed about.
  • 2. Start to get some info yourselves on Newcastle (check out the rest of the website for the feel of the nightlife and where you might want to drink). If you or the Stag are mad keen on Football or Rugby call the office and see if they can arrange as an extra special present for the stag a match.
  • 3. Start reading Newcastle stag Night and make sure you have everything checked off.

One Week to Go:-

  • 1. Make sure that you have all the maps and directions for everything that you are doing over the weekend.
  • 2. Call the office and see if there is anything that you have missed that they might be able to help you with.
  • 3. Confirm all the time with the office and the group itself; make sure every one has a feel for what is going to be happening over the weekend. Remember you want this to be the best stag do they have ever been on because you arranged it (well us but we will not tell anyone)
  • 4. Buy any last minute things such as disposable camera a few props that will help with the flow of the night and also the 6ft baby costume you have for the stag.
  • 5. Make sure that everyone of the group knows where to meet to start the journey up and at what time.
  • 6. Make sure that you stock up on paracetamol as it is going to be a bumping ride.

Follow these steps and you will have a great stag party in Newcastle.

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